Generation Z (Part 1):

 Meet Generation Z by James Emery White, has made a profound impact on me recently.

The elder and strategic leadership teams at Gateway Church have read this and are incorporating many of his thoughts and conclusions into our ministry philosophy.

As the first truly post-Christian generation, and numerically the largest, Generation Z will be the most influential religious force in the West and the heart of the missional challenge facing the Christian church. (pp. 11-12)

If the heart of the Christian mission is to evangelize and transform culture through the centrality of the church, then understanding that culture is paramount. (p. 12)

We are truly dealing with a new phenomenon in our culture today related to how people understand and perceive the church and Scripture in general. The rise of the Nones in the United States is growing at an alarming rate.  White states that, Continue reading “Generation Z (Part 1):”