Awakening Greatness

Awakening Greatness by E.Scott Feather
Greatness is bestowed by God as we follow with reckless abandon the dream He planted in our souls.  God is the determiner of greatness, yet when it is bestowed, it is recognizable by all who come in contact with it.

Did you know that God has a specific plan for you to accomplish great things for His glory?  God uses the experiences of our lives to awaken us to the greatness He has planned.  God does not waste anything.

God uses the spheres of:

Challenge: Confronting obstacles

Knowledge: Internalizing new concepts

Loss: Experiencing pain

Stories: Encountering greatness

Discontent: Thirsting for something more

Service: Giving oneself for the good of another

Injustice: Discovering unfair or unethical conditions

Love: Receiving or giving of selfless affection

Supernatural: Recognizing the direct work of God

You and I must own our story and help others uncover and live theirs.  We must be the people God has called us to be and do all we can to leverage and create awakening experiences in the lives of those we lead.  Be aware that the immensity of the obstacles before us in this incredible journey are in direct proportion to the greatness God wishes to bestow on us.

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