Leadership is:

Leadership is…

How would you finish that?  The answer is critical.  Critical to you as a leader; so that you know what function you should be providing.  Is it also essential for someone being led; so they can fully verbalize what they are hoping their leaders provide.

So, once again.  Leadership is…

My working definition of leadership:

I believe that leadership is:

Do you agree?  What would you add?  What would you delete?  What would you change altogether?

Breaking this definition down:

Clarity:  A leader’s responsibility to provide clarity.  Clarity of the present reality and clarity of what the future can, should, and will look like.  Not an easy task, but no one ever said leadership was.

Inspiration:  Leaders must inspire.  Without inspiration, leadership feels more like a dictatorship.  Inspiring people to go to unknown places courageously is an indispensable ingredient in leadership.

Responsibility:  When people feel responsible and able to make a difference they are more motivated to act on behalf of something or someone.  When people feel that responsibility lay solely on the shoulders of the leader, creativity to stifled, action is delayed, and ownership is never achieved.

Creating:  As image-bearers of God, we want to create.  Even if someone does not feel “creative”  there is an innate desire in us to produce; produce things of value and beauty.  When people sense they are part of creating something of value their motivation and dedication are accelerated.

Better Future:  Is this not what we all want? Once the present is clearly defined and articulated; we are motived to bring about change, change for the better.

Who is responsible for creating a better future?  All of us!

Who helps us see that need?  Leaders.



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